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One of the leading names in garage door automation for the past 21 years, DIGIDOOR has become renowned for its superior design and continued technological development in today’s garage door industry. Having won numerous awards, its state of the art design allows it to transform any garage door (from your sectional overhead, spring tip-up, roll-up or sliding door) into a remote controlled opening, thus increase your home’s value and functionality.
Technical Features
  • 24 Vdc Motor with integrated gearbox
  • Mains/Battery: 230Vac with 24V battery backup.
  • Microprocessor- based controller
  • Feature Selection: features are link-selected.
  • SuperHet digiEkey receiver on-board with KeeLoq security
  • Adjustable obstacle sensing
  • Status Indicator
  • Audible alert
  • Adjustable open-position stop
  • Wall console with Open/Close, light control and lock switch
  • Supports most types of safety beams
  • ‘Endless Loop’ chain-drive system
  • Courtesy security light, 60-watt
  • Auto-close mode
  • Self-setting limits
  • Optional battery back-up
  • Straight forward assembly
  • Conventional installation
  • Simple coding of ekey remotes via the wall console
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Aluminum drive section
  • Quiet operation
  • Fast operation (16 seconds to open or close a standard)
  • Safety beam socket
  • Operates standard sectional, tip-up & roll-up doors
  • 700N Operating force (lifting capacity)
Technical Features
  • 24 Volt DC Motor. The digidoor III ac/dc is driven by a 24 volt dc motor, continuously rated.
  • Rugged Drive system. The motor drives through an integrated gearbox to a chain drive system.
  • Controller. The controller is microprocessor based, with a power-supply capable of powering external receivers and/or safety beams.
  • Limits. The limits of the door travel are automatically set during installation.
  • On-board receiver. The digiEkey SuperHet receiver is implemented on the control board, featuring the KeeLoq secure code system.
  • Obstacle Sensing. Adjustable obstacle sensing is implemented in software.
  • Wall console. The console eliminates the time-consuming wiring. It has buttons for control, light and lock. Adding extra remotes via the console is easy.
  • Courtesy lamp. Making it easy to exit the garage once the car headlights have been turned off. Both versions of the 60-watt lamp may be used.

Technical Benefits
  • Simple assembly. The Power-head is simply and easily secured to the drive strut.
  • Ease of installation. Mounting the digidoor III is conventional for sectional, tip-up and roll-up doors.
  • Easy Set-up. The limits are automatically learnt during set-up, and operating force/obstacle sensing is adjusted by means of a trimmer.
  • Ease of maintenance. The digidoor III is very low maintenance, requiring light lubrication of the drive system after 1 ½ to 2 years of service.
  • Quiet operation. The digidoor III moves the door smoothly and quietly.
  • Fast operation. Typically, the digidoor III opens or closes a standard door in 17 seconds.
  • Supports most types of safety beams. Safety beams may be simply wired into the digidoor III.
  • Adding Remote controls. In addition to the normal ‘Operate’, ‘Light’ and ‘Lock’ functions, the addition of extra remotes to operate the machine is easily done via the wall console.