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  • Novel operating principle and revolutionary design
    The XTrac's motor drives along a stationary chain housed inside the drive rail. The door opens and closes together with the travelling motor - no chain clatter means the whole operation is whisper quiet.
  • Dual power - ALWAYS on
    You need to be somewhere in a hurry. The power goes out. You're going nowhere. Unless you have the CENTURION XTrac garage door motor, that is. The XTrac switches seamlessly between mains and battery power in the event of a power outage, so it's always on. You can even use solar power to charge the system.*
    *Consult Centurion Systems for assistance
  • Reliable DC motor
    Our 24V geared DC motor provides enough power to move even the largest door quietly and reliably.
  • Adaptive anti-crushing control
    sensors ensure that your garage door will never close on your child, car or pet - if an obstruction is detected the door will stop and reverse immediately. Our door service monitor keeps an eye on things and a courtesy lamp will flash when your door springs are worn out or require maintenance.
  • Adjustable speed gives you ultimate control
    One operator to rule them all. The XTrac works on both sectional and tip-up doors and the opening and closing speed can be set to your liking. Combine this with soft start and stop, the CENTURION XTrac provides the ultimate control and most reliable operation of your door.
  • Lock in any position
    For increased security, the manual override can be disengaged and then re-engaged in any position. If you're going away on holiday you can electronically lock your XTrac so that not even a learned-in remote control can operate the door.
  • Autoclose1
    Look, Ma, no hands! If you forget to close your garage door, your XTrac will do it for you - if you've activated the Autoclose feature.
    1. Infrared safety beams need to be installed to utilise the Autoclose feature
  • Onboard receiver with CENTURION code-hopping technology
    A home security system that fits in your pocket. Our four button CENTURION code-hopping remote control utilises the same technology found in top of the range vehicle security systems and can control your XTrac, home alarm system, CENTURION automatic gate motors and whatever else you need to feel safe. Rest easy, knowing there's a CENTURION standing guard.
  • Ease of installation and adjustment
    Ready. Set. Go! The drive unit slides into the rail and the control box slots into position at the back, it's as simple as that. Within minutes of arriving on site, the unit can be assembled, installed and set up. Such ease saves time, saves money!
  • Door service monitor
    Using adaptive load sensing technology, our door service monitor keeps an eye on things and a courtesy lamp will flash when your door springs are worn and need maintenance.
  • Power supply flexibility
    The XTrac garage door motor is built for a country where the power supply is unstable at the best of times. It will still open your garage door with a supply voltage as low as 180V AC or as high as 270V AC. Power spikes and low voltages mean nothing to the XTrac.
  • Energy saving technology
    Save the planet! Not only will the XTrac continue to operate during periods of unstable power or even power outages, but it is incredibly low on resources. In sleep mode it reaches a record low power consumption of 0.5W. If this energy saving technology isn't enough, hook the XTrac up to a solar panel and politely inform the neighbours that you have a 'zero-emissions' operator'.