+ How often should I oil my garage door ?

+ How do I know my springs should be replaced ?

+ How often should I service the Hardware and Motor of my Garage door ?

+ Please can you provide me with a quotation for a Double Garage Door (Meranti), with motor, installed.

+ Hi<br/><br/>I have a tension cable on my single garage door that has snapped and I need it replaced.<br/><br/>I tried the contact number on the site but could not make contact with Andre.<br/><br/>Regards<br/>Quinton (Westrand, Ruimsig)<br/>083 616 6128

+ Instructions please for the motor operation. My vertical door stops starts,opens and I have to keep pressing the remote to get it to stay closed

+ Hi, Can you provide me with a manual/info on how to set my spring tention from the start?

+ Quote to service 2 x single sectional garage doors

+ I need to programme two new remotes for my garage door, unfortunately my existing remote is damaged so we can't use that one to pair with the new one. Please tell me how I have to go about to programme my remote. Thanks

+ How do I reset / program the remote to open the door?

+ I'm in Limpopo and looking for a rustic studded door, can I buy and install garage door on my own? Is the door packed, in other words, will I be able to transport it myself?

+ I have just tiled my garage which has lifted the floor by a few cm. The garage door hite the floor too hard now abd immediately opens again. How do I adjust the travel. The motor is a digidoor iii.9

+ Is it possible to reprogramme the garage door so that remotes that previously worked to open the door no longer work?

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