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Applicable sections of the Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008: S 16, 19 (5) & (8), 20, 55 (3), 56 A consumer has various rights of return in terms of the Consumer Protection Act.


* If you wish to return your item/s, it will be your responsibility to notify DoorTronix (info@garagedoortronix.co.za) ten (10) working days from receiving your item/s / Invoice

* Any returned item/s must be in new/unused condition, with all original accessories.

* If DoorTronix is responsible for the installation of the goods that are requested for a refund, please take note that an installation and an uninstallation fee will be charged to the customer, there will also be a 20% handling fee.


Return Process:

To return an item/s, please email our customer service (info@garagedoortronix.co.za) and provide a short report on why you would like the item returned/refunded. You will also need to notify us when will be the best day for us to collect the item/s.

All shipping costs will be covered by DoorTronix



Once we have received the returned item/s, please allow seven (7) working days to inspect the condition of the item and for us to process the exchange/refund of the item/s. Refunds may take up to fourteen (14) work days.

  • Credit and cheque card refunds can take up to 7 and 10 business days, and Instant EFT refunds between 2 and 3 business days, to reflect in your account due to risk checks that are performed by banks.




Please take careful note that DoorTronix does not exchange/refund garage door springs which include but is not limited to: Torsion & tension springs.