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Double Alu-Zink Garage Door

Single Alu-Zink Garage Door including installation and a 2-year warranty.

Excellent quality door treated to withstand the harsh weather conditions in South Africa.


Highly recommended for adverse weather conditions due to higher than normal weather lip design which weather-seals each panel individually.

All garage doors include more polyurethane adhesion glue points than normal on the structural design to ensure a more stable and less flexible door to cater for adverse weather conditions and frequent use.
Your choice of Alu-zinc material is an exclusive architectural millwork embossed Cedarwood grain design guaranteeing a long life span and exceptional quality to compliment your house for many years.
Garage doors can be custom-made to suit standard and non standard openings for garage doors.
Sectional overhead garage doors are the most frequently specified door by the professional sector.